It feels amazing!!

Every day I wake up with a joyful mood. I look at myself in the mirror and tell that “you are beautiful”.

We don’t need anything in our life to make us happy. I believe, what ever you achieve in your life , you can enjoy it when you are in good health.

As many are asking me about my diet and experience, I would like to share it here.

My journey started when I was feeling low about myself.

Weight loss formulae :- 70% diet and 30% exercise.

By looking at this all of you may mistaken, many includes starving too.

I mean escaping dinner or like that .

Starving is the easy way of weight loss. Many choose this way .

But it’s wrong way of doing. If you do so , you will get other problems in future. You cannot eat food properly, if you eat little ,your stomach starts showing its colors. I mean your stomach will pain everyday.

You will get gastric problems, constipation, what not.

The correct way of reducing weight is eating food in less quantities .

Start from here , cutting down handful of rice from your usual quantity…like that…for every 4 days cut down the quantity to how much your stomach needs. Then exercise have to make sure that you have to sweat like hell daily.

Start with brisk walk, then skippings.

But don’t play with your stomach by starving and once you reduce your weight don’t eat more.

Always have mindful eating know how much food you want.

Drink lots of water .

My diet is …

Morning:- I eat rice ( two bowls) with curry

Afternoon:- rice ( 1 bowl) with curry

Evening:- snacks ( minimum)

Night :- chapthi ( two) or upma

And I drink lot of water.

I make sure that I eat my dinner before 7 pm.

I enjoy my food and I never compromised in it. I make sure that I exercise well.

Like skippings (1000- not continuous) , dumbells, barbells ,abs exercise, cardio.

Please avoid junk food.

We can eat what ever we want in minimum quantities.. and it is important to burn those calories.

Focus on improving your metabolism.🙂